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Insight Voice is the #1 tool for getting the raw insights and experiences from your brain to your customers in a way that attracts.

Insight Voice - Share your perspective with ease

The content formatter you've been waiting for

Share your raw ideas

Your customers want to hear from you. They need your experiences and expertise. Insight Voice begins with you sharing your insights in any way that you are comfortable with- video, audio, or text.

Unlock your insights
Insight Voice

You, formatted for every platform

Instantly convert your raw ideas into posts ready to share on any social platform, blog, newsletter, or more.

Unlock your insights
Insight Voice

Never get struck again

Insight Voice prompts you to share the insights and experiences your customers are dying to hear about.

Unlock your insights
Insight Voice


How do I record my insights?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your insights. You can answer prompts via video, audio, or text.

What if I just want to write a post? 

Go for it! We make it easy to write an schedule posts with text, images, or videos across platoforms.

Who gets to see my raw videos/audio?

Only members of your team whom you invite to your Insight Voice account can see the raw audio or video you use to create content on Insight Voice.

Can I invite others to share their insights?

Absolutely! You can share a link with other teammates, customers, or other content creators to help you build