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Build your team's knowledge base

Insight Voice helps your team collect insights and experiences for your team to use to grow your business through content.

Insight Voice - Share your perspective with ease

Reuse content with ease

Collect your best ideas

Your insights and experiences are your greatest asset. You need to be prepared to use them. Store your best thoughts in insight voice and we'll prepare them for you to share.

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Insight Voice

Reuse and recycle top performing ideas

What works, works. When you find what works in your content, you can easily recycle those core ideas using Insight Voice.

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Insight Voice

Share your knowledge with your team

Content is a team sport. Share your insights with your teammates to help them share it with their audiences.

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Who gets access to my team's knowledge base?

You have complete control of who has access to your knowledge base. Want teammates or customers to contribute their insights? Invite them to answer questions. Want teammates to be able to see them? Add them to your IV account.

Will teammates copy my posts exactly?

They can. The thing about social media is that the shelf-life of your post is very short, but the core ideas that work tend to work again. Enabling your teammates to utilize and recycle ideas that really pop is really powerful.

Want to riff off an idea that worked, though? Just ask IV to create a new post based upon an answer to add a slight difference to how your idea is being presented

Can I get customers to contribute to my team's knowledge base?

Absolutely. Customer testimonials are incredibly important. They allow you to associate your brand with your customer's brand and highlight how you help them.

Simply send them a question, and IV will format their content the same way it formats yours.

Is it good practice to reuse my best ideas? 

Yes! The secret of most content creators is that they are constantly re-sharing core foundational ideas to their clients. Is it exactly the same? Sometimes. But, it almost always rhymes.